Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There is another trend going on with young teens which is called batmannning. It was inspired by planking because of the position that your body is in. Batmanning itself is said to derive from the cartoon Batman and it's an activity where you hang upside down suspended off of anything. It is so silly that I don't know why someone would invent this. There are so many videos on this trend showing a bunch of boys hanging off of buildings, doors, ceiling poles, etc. The idea is to pretty much hang off of somewhere dangerous to also resemble the cape crucader character. This is such a disaster to our generation because we keep creating new ways of stupidity that makes us look worst than we already do. This activity is becoming so prevelant that it is spreading over the UK. Facebook has really marketed this over to other countries to younger generations since there is so many sensations and video clips on facebook explaining newer places to try it at. The weird thing is the fact that people are able to climb up into the position with no problem and climb down at the same time unless they have the help with their friends. Either way this sounds like a dangerous stunt that doesn't need to really be popular because there is no purpose to it besides the fact that it is an adrenaline rush and something daring to do, but if you are hanging off buildings and in street parking lots someone could get hurt.

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