Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's ashame that the one thing that is suppose 2 make u successful is the one thing that can fail u at the same time. I'm talking about college. Growing up I always thought that college wasn't an option because when you have a degree you get more money and better positions at jobs. My generation and I have come 2 realize that college really is a scam. I saw a documentary about this issue and what I saw was shocking. There were people burning their degrees because they said it made no difference when it came down to jobs. On top of that the college presidents raise the tuition fees on purpose just out of greed and the fact that they don't care that people these days can't afford it. Most colleges don't care about a person's success because it is all about the money. These professors make u take these classes when the books are not necessary to use to begin with. Then you are stuck with the book because you can't seem 2 sell it back because the book store doesn't want it. That is so frustrating to deal with. At the same time there are so many people in so much debt because of student loans that are swallowing peoples money once they graduate and it is so sad that we have to go through that all because of the manacing greed. A stop needs to come immediately.

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