Saturday, October 22, 2011

Domestic Abuse

When you think of domestic abuse, people automatically assume it's the guys fault because 90% of men are the abuser in the relationship. Domestic abuse comes in any type of relationship whether it deals with a man hitting a women, women hitting a man, women hitting women, or men hitting men. Either way it is wrong. Sometimes when you go into details of the act you don't know who to blame and what I mean by that is sometimes the victim could provoke the person to abuse and not the abuser being a pyschopath. So you can't just blame one person you can consider both people. The abuser can't help, but to react by fighting back in their defense. This not to make excuses for them, but sometimes that's usually the case when you consider an abusive situation in a relationship. The abuser doesn't really think about anything they just react immediately in the heat of the moment so therefore you can kind of blame the victim especially if they are the cause. The abuser is still wrong for what they did, but it's the fact that they couldn't help, but to react in a violent way if the victim was violent to them. The abuse that does often happens is when the abuser blames the victim for their actions such saying "look what you made me do" when the abuser had no business putting their hands up to begin with. The abuser has a lot of insecurities and anger issues that they can't seem to control so they would rather take it out on the person they say they love based on your vulnerabilty. When that happens you feel worst than what you already feel like, but I would like to know why do women feel they love someone that beats them to death. I don't understand what is there to love when it's all hate. Even though it's unhealthy love it doesn't seem like there was love there to begin with. I know it's hard to get out, but that is the only often to being happy. No one can make you happy until you make yourself happy because you are not always going to have someone there for you all the time. Always re-evaluate yourself before you enter someone else's life.

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