Monday, October 24, 2011

Double Standards

This world is living in double standards. Most people actually follow them, but they are so hypocritical that it is ridiculous. One of the main double standards revolve around how boys and girls grow up. When kids go through puberty it seems like boys have a clean slate more than girls do. A dad or mom usually gives the son condoms and tell him to have fun while in the meantime they tell the daughter to not do anything at all. That sounds pretty selfish. I understand the girl has more consequences than the boy, but the guy is just as responsible for the consequences as she does. Therefore it is not fair to teach one gender one thing and the other gender another thing when a human being is a human being. It also seems contradictory when sometimes a guy will teach his close female family member to not get involved with any guys, but at the same time he is doing that to someone elses daughter or loved one. It's silly, but it happens. People should be able to teach both genders the same type of reality checks to get a sense of both sides. This will also them understand each other especially since that is the main problem in relationships between a straight couple. Women complain that they don't understand men and some men complain about women. Yea it is true that we are different, but what harm does it do teach each other how different we are instead of hating each other because of what we don't understand. how

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