Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Face Punching

There's a new trend going on called face punching which is exactly what it sounds like. Kids are actually wanting to get punched in the face because they think it's funny. They also make videos of themselves get knocked out so they can look back on it and laugh. They don't see it as harmful, but instead humorous. The funny thing is it is a game, but the rules are crazy. You can't hit in the temple, the back of the head, or back the neck which is silly when you can simply just not hit each other at all to save the trouble. Why give out these type of rules when you can just simply avoid the game as a whole. Another reason why some kids play this game is to build up resistence for when they get into a real fight. It sounds reasonable, but it still sounds like an unreasonable activity to do. One kid was even interviewed about this game because he atually participates in it and he tells his grandmother to hit him because it's funny and to train her to fight better. That is the silliest thing ever because that goes to show you how bored someone can really get. Then they interviewed another guy that participated in a punching game few years prior, but the incident caused him to have brain damage. He pretty much explained that the impact the guy's fist against his forehead caused him to blackout and crush the front part of his skull. That traumatic experience caused him to loose that piece of his skull leave no protection of his brain. Now the boy can't really do any physical activities for the sake of his head all because him and his friends wanted to play rough by punching each other. It seem like this day in age boredom has got the best of people. It can make you do crazy things, but it has become out of control. Teens are inventing new ways of being stupid. Everyday you hear an incident that a teen did that is such a gruesome crime that you would never thought would happen. A lot teens feel like they have to do crazy things or be disrespectful to get the respect they deserve when that same respect isn't the type of respect that people should want since they are giving it the wrong way.

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