Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Generation Of Males

Young guys today are a mystery. I say this because there are a lot of things about guys that women are still confused about including myself. Maybe we will never understand them. A few questions come through my mind that I would like to ask someone. A lot of guys say that they want a strong, independent women, but yet there is a statistic stating that there are 42% of successful women that are unmarried or struggling to find a man. Steve Harvey had mentioned in both of his books "Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man" as well as "Straight Talk, No Chaser" that a women should have standards in order to find a man that she is looking for, but for some reason women still aren't getting what they want. He also stated that men are ashamed of the fact that they didn't get where they need to be so they can provide for their women. Maybe the men saying they want a strong, independent women have them already leaving the rest of the men not meeting at the level where they need which is causing those 42% of unwed women a statistics. I could be wrong because obviously I don't have all the sources. Another growing issue is the amount of deadbeat dads in the world. The problem with this is, is the fact that women sometimes force their child on the guy which will drive him away and then women end up calling him a deadbeat. So it's kind of like who do you blame. The guy is wrong for not standing up to his responsiblilities, but the women also should be just as responsible as picking someone who will be a good father or not forcing everything on the guy and screaming at him because let's be for real nobody wants to be screamed at. I do commend every parent out there because it is a cruel world and you are doing your best, but what could we possibly do to make positive changes to the way we live our lives that's causing baggage?

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