Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The History Of Saggin

I'm still confused on the dynamic of boys sagging their pants. A lot of straight guys that I know of are homophobic or just doesn't think gay people exist, but yet when you look back on the history of sagging your pants that usually meant an inmate wanted some action from another person. I would like to one day have a normal conversation with a bunch of guys on why they feel they need to keep this trend alive for a long time. I find it odd because of the fact that at one point it was supposedly going to consider a crime of some sort where if a guy is caught wearing the pants low they would get fined, but it doesn't seemed to be acknowledged anymore . I really want to know if guys feel that it is comfortable to wear their pants that way or if they have a need to fit in and keep up with the latest styles regardless of where it came from. It's oddly interesting how people could take something that came from a negative dimension and turn it into a trend. It makes you wonder what is next for future generations. A lot of journalist argue that people change the way we view what is considered cool and what is considered whack. We all clearly know everybody has different definitions and ideas on how we feel about those 2 topics, but it also leads to more questions because of the different opinions we get. The style of sagging also lead to certain stereotypes meaning that some people that if a black guy wears their pants saggy then they are considered thugs, but if a white guy wears his pants saggy then he would be considered a scateboarder. Those are 2 completely opposite stereotypes, yet it deals with the same gender. So not only has society categorize gender, but race as well bases off of a fashion style. I would also like to ask women if they mind they mind the style or are they disgusted by now being that this such a growing trend and why should guys just feel the need to tell women not to wear their pants saggy. That's being contradictive. Will boys also feel that they will grow out of the style or continue it and pass it on to their kids?

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