Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turnoffs For Women

Everybody has a turnoff or dealbreaker when it comes to what they want out of a person, but the main ones for women are pretty self-explanatory and something to think about when it comes to standards. It is very important for people to have standards and when they do set them up they should stick with them. So some of the things that wouldn't guarantee to be in a women's standards (of course meaning turnoffs) would 1st off be a guy with an insecure personality. Sometimes when a guy is insecure he tries to control his women or just lower her self-esteem in general because he's afraid that someone better would come into her life and take her away from him. That's pretty sad to do that because it is a true fact that you should love yourself before you love others because there would be no love to begin with and then you both would come into the relationship with so many problems. Another type of guy that is a turnoff is the oversensative guy. There was a study done that said that guys who cry constantly have psychological problems that usually turns to suicide and what not. That is scary to think about because I would think the same would go for women as well, but maybe not as bad as men. So therefore it is a major turnoff for a guy to be oversensative. The 3rd major turnoff is the cocky guy. Women don't want to deal with a guy that's either a pretty boy or feels that everything about him is the best thing on God's earth. You are pretty much better off marrying yourself when you act like that. There is no need to remind people every 5 secs how fine you are or how good you are at something, etc. That gets so annoying after a while. There is nothing wrong with being confident, but there is a difference between confidence and being cocky. Don't be cocky, that makes you look worst than what you are telling yourself. What is the girl therefore if all you talk about is yourself anyway. Women love to feel validated and treated like princesses so when you distant yourself from her just because you feel that you can get any girl in the world, you don't need to be in a relationship especially long-term serious relationship. So the next time you want a fresh start with someone new, try to re-evaluate yourself before you get involved with someone because you are going to be dealing with someone else's emotions, problems, feelings, and habits that you somewhat have to adjust to. It may not be easy, but if you COMMUNICATE you'll be able to balance your relationships more smoothly.

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