Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cyber Bullying

With the technology becoming so prevelant because of how much it has upgraded, bullying has been able to translate through our everyday sources. Cyber bullying is also something that has gotten extremely out of control. One story in particular that made news headline was the Meghan Myers story which is show in the clip above from a segment on Tyra Banks show. At just 13 years old she committed suicide by tying herself up in her closet after reading harsh words from a mystery person on Myspace. She thought the person a boy her age in her neighborhood that she thought was trying to get with her, but was later identified as a grown women who lived down the street from her which is insane. Meghan's mother has been going on different TV talk shows to promote ending cyber bullying and the Meghan Myers foundation. We have to be more careful with what we put out there on these social networking sites so we don't loose anymore of a genertion.

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