Thursday, November 3, 2011

Media Madness Mayhem

The media is something that society looks forward to exploring and checking on every minute because we constantly want to know what's going on in the world. It is to the point where the press gets carried away with what we want to witness and how much we put out there that causes a corruption of a system. I watched an interesting documentary on OWN called "Miss Representation" which is pretty much based on how women are treated so differently and poorly compared to men in this world, but they also talked about how media is so manipulative at the same time. The media itself makes you think that the stuff that they put in the tabloids, magazines and on TV is something the viewers request or always want to hear about when it is actually what the press wants you to see ande believe because of the business and relationships that publicist have between themselves and the celebrities. The publicist job is to make sure that things that are written or shown in the media are true statements, but the media also has the power to change things since they have a freedom of speech. The exploitation that media tends to be good at also has a lot to do with stereotypes, standards and manipulating the consumers for the sake of money. Greed is one of the biggest sins that people have in this country and we tend to make it worst everyday especially with the way this world functions. Until we stop complaining, and start making positives changes, this world will never change.

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