Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Music Videos

Music videos are the biggest factor in music in general. It's all about the money, power, and respect which is also said in a few people's lyrics. MTV started in 1981 with videos and it has been so popular ever since as well as other stations like BET, VH1, FUSE, etc. The documentary dreamworlds 3 covers all the aspects and basics of videos as far as imagery and visual fantasy. Music videos possess a sense of sexual control and male dominance. This idea of exploiting women has so many conflicts going on and double standards. It is said that women are stuck in a pornographic phase to tell a story by having a desire for someone. Different camera angles show a women's body in a provocative way or a certain position. Even female artists start to blossom into a super grown women status to get attention. The more skin you show the more money.

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