Saturday, November 12, 2011


Celebrities are constantly being stalked by cameras because they are legally a public figure, but are celebrities really the cause for camera men to get out of hand? It kind of started with the incident with Princess Diana when her driver was trying to dodge paparazzi and then it caused her car accident. Snapshots are unhindered by law so most of the time celebrities make deals with their publicist to give the paparzzi something to shoot pictures for. At the same time they instigate by bribing celebrities to places where they socialize at or go on a regular basis just so they can take pictures of them and then the picture goes to the highest bidder and then get money off of it. They also pay the informer for the information about the star explaining their whereabouts as well as making deals with autographers so that way the star can get an autograph to take pics of the celeb to make money off of selling the pics. The main thing out of all of this is money.

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