Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Social Dynamics Of Gender In The Media

There are so many stereotypes when it comes to gender. This world claims to want equality, but keep complaining when the equality gets stronger. There is so much irony and contradiction that it's causing more problems than we already have. Some people are so stuck on this fairytale lifestyle where the wife is suppose to stay home to cook, clean, and take of the kids and the man works all day and just provides and the household is just 2 kids with a white picket fence. That doesn't neccessarily exists simply because of the fact that it is a fairytale. We live in such a fantasy world that we tend to confuse it with reality until the reality hits us. Since we still live off of the fairytale mentallity the world is steretyped to be controlled by male domination because the men has to be the heros, but so do women. We want to feel like we saving the world in some kind of way as well and be appreciated for it especially since we are the emotional ones.

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