Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tampons And Vodka Trend

Teenagers keep finding new ways to get the feeling of being high and drunk. One of the ways that they are doing is the most dangerous because of how much it effects your health. Kids are putting tampons in vodka and inserting them in their rectum and vaginal area to get a quick buzz. The reason behind this is the fact that when you insert any liquor in your rectal cavity you get drunk quicker because of the mucus membrane that lines that area. The thinness of it can absorb the alcohol making your blood alcohol level go from 0 to about .09-.12 in a matter of 45 seconds which is pretty quick and quite buzzlike so kids figure why not do something to get that type of high really fast. They also figure it would beat a breathalyzer because you are not consuming alcohol orally to have the smell in your breath and in your mouth which is not true because the breathalyzer measures the alcohol in your bloodstream so it doesn't matter how you intake it because either way it goes in your system. We need to pray for our people's seriously!

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