Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Viral Internet Relationships

The internet has been the most dynamic way of communicating ever since it was first invented. Most people have found their first love through the internet, or future husband/wife, but do we tend to get carried away with letting out our personal business? In order to relate to other people or network for other opportunities it is somewhat important to put yourself out there, but sometimes we don't realize how much we put out there. Online dating is one example of falling into the wrong trap. The internet and other social networking sites gives you the power the edit things and post whatever you want on your pages to get something in return therefore you have to be careful who you are talking to online especially when dating. As far as putting your relationship out there can also cause a lot of problems. Myspace and facebook are known for questionable status on people's profile. The problem is, is the fact that people would know things about your love life based on either knowing you as a person and what kind of things you put on your page. Ex girlfriends/boyfriends will then find these things out and you hope that they are not pyschopathic exes. I knew of some incidents where these situations have happened. A friend of mine had her man's crazy ex threatening them over the internet just because he moved on. Sometimes the statuses that people post are probably not real so you kind of have to know how to edit out your page for your own protection especially since the technology is only going to increase from here.

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