Monday, May 27, 2013

9-Year-Old Boy Protesting

This 9-year-old boy is too cute. He protested at his school with a speech about the Mayor's school closures policy.
          Asean Johnson got everyone in Chicago to their feet when he was expressing how important education is to the young people. He made headlines on other blogs and news articles for having the courage to not be afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He even quoted from Martin Luther King about believe in dreams and rising as a nation to come together to make a difference to the world. His video was first posted on and had gotten many ratings for his inspiring speech.
           When I first saw I was almost in chills. He sounded so mature for his age. You can tell he is a smart kid especially when he is standing up for education. I felt like I was at church as he was speaking because it was so powerful. I hope this video will be a wake-up call that there is hope for our future especially out kids because education gets to so many opportunities. I don't know the whole situation with the Chicago mayor, but from what it sounds like, many kids are not being able to finish school. Here's Johnson's interview below after his speech.

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