Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Making The Band Reunion?

It's been five years the last season of MTV's "Making The Band 4," where the nation saw the demise of platinum-selling girl group, Danity Kane, and Day 26 and Donnie Klang moved on with their careers.

      Danity Kane first started the show back in 2005 when the girls were auditioning to be in a girl group for "Making The Band 3." Girls from all across the country tried out for it and then Diddy finally selected the ones he wanted. He ended up picking Aubrey O' Day, Dawn Richard, Wanity Woodgett (D. Woods), Shannon Bex, and Aundrea Fimbres to later form the group in which they named themselves, Danity Kane.

      The girls first got their name during down time in one of their studio sessions when Dawn was drawing some of her comic books and got inspired by a character she drew. She said the word danity kane represented girl power and it represented all five of their personalities. Diddy gave them their approval and since then they rose to success when they became the first girl group to have back-to-back platinum selling albums one for their self-titled album (2006) and the other for "Welcome To The Dollhouse," (2008).
       On August 26, 2007 Qwanell "Que" Mosley, Willy Taylor, Brian Andrews, Mike McCluney, and Robert Curry came together to be known as Day 26. The boys came from different parts of the country to audition for Diddy's "Making The Band 4," in which later they starred in with label mates, Danity Kane. The group's first album which was self-titled was released in 2008 and it featured their two hit singles, "Got Me Going," and "Since You Been Gone." The album went straight to number 1 within the first week. Their second album, "Forever In A Day." (2009), also went to number and it feature their hit single, "Imma Put It On Her." The boys went on to make videos for seven of their other songs on the album.
        Donnie Klang was the only person on Making The Band to go on as a solo artist on the show. He auditioned with the boys of Day 26 when Diddy selected him to be a part of the show. At first he was apprehensive about continuing with a music career because he kept getting rejected on American Idol. His friend sent his Myspace page to Making The Band and won a chance to be signed to Bad Boy Records. He released his only album, "Just A Rolling Stone," in late 2008 featuring his hit single, "Take You There." He later lived with Day 26 and Danity Kane for a couple of seasons showing how they function in the music business.
        On season three of "Making The Band 4," it featured both groups and Donnie on tour with Cheri Dennis in 2008. They originally had 13 dates set, but could only do 6. Danity Kane headlined the tour and Cheri Dennis opened up for all three acts, of coursed wasn't aired on the show. During this season was also when the world saw Danity Kane being a group of five for the last time.

        The break up starting off with Aubrey and D. Woods getting fired and then later Shannon and Aundrea quitting leaving Dawn to later join Dirty Money. Since then fans from all over have been wondering about the girls and if they will ever do a Danity Kane reunion. Just recently four of the members were spotted out in LA leading people do believe that something might happen. Bijou Star caught up with former member, D. Woods, on whether or not the group will get back together.
       As far as Day 26, Que announced his dimise with the group in late 2009 when he ustreamed showing his letter that the label sent him. Since his dismissal he made multiple mixtapes and released many singles on twitter and youtube. Day 26 themselves also departed ways before the completion of their album, "A New Day," that was suppose to be released back in 2012. They also had a video for their song, "Made Love Lately."

       Donnie Klang now has his own record label called Donnie Klang Entertainment where he released his single, "Falling 4 U." He later went on the release his mixtape on Valentine's Day.

So should Danity Kane get back together? Should Day 26 get back together? Should there be a Making The Band 4 Season 5 with all three label mates? What do you think?

The first two videos are compilations of their music videos when they were on the show. The songs were unrealeasd tracks. The third is to Donnie's song "Falling 4 U."

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