Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bad Boys

Wow, bad boys, why do girls love them so much? They are bad for a reason, right?! Well it's always a tricky discussion when talking about bad boys.
           Women always complain that they can't find a good man in their life. They have slumber parties or girls night out and just have a group discussion with their male bashing conversations. They say things like, "All men are dogs!" "All they want his sex, it just annoys me!" "I wish a guy would like me for me" it is mentioned all the time. I'm sure these women want a good guy, but they end up dating the wrong person. Men complain all the time about women and their standards because they go, "Y'all don't want a good guy, you want a thug." yes this is very true that most women would rather go for a thug than a nerd, but the same applies to men going after either a good girl or a hoe. Both situations have similar reasons on why people go after the wrong type of person.
           Bad boys tend to be highly attractive looking which is why most women will chase after them. This is usually because when someone is attractive they are naturally going to get a lot of attention because their presence was so striking. Instead of keeping their cool, women will throw themselves at them. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be attracted to them because they are automatically bad, but just think about it, if a person wants to have a really good time at a party which drink do you think they are going to have all night? Liquor or just plain juice? Again same applies to men. Most guys would not want to be seen with an ugly girl around his boys even if she measured up in other areas. It's all about impression.
          Another reason is that bad boys provide mental stimulation. The mental stimulation aspect has to do with the whole "I can change him," idea. For some reason, girls like the feeling of thinking she has these special powers to transform the guy into what she wants him to be. It's very ignorant because no guy wants to be fixed nor do girls want to be fixed, but when they don't have control of something then they have a fit. Mental stimulation applies to the mind games that bad boys play especially when it comes down to communication. Girls get caught up in these tug-of-war conversations with themselves meaning they sit for hours running questions through their minds about the guy like, "I wonder when he's going to call me," "I wonder if he is going to call me," "I wonder if he loves me even though he told me he had better," his mental games pretty much bring a challenge to the game that she gets caught up in playing. Same thing applies to guys, but it's more so physical than mental. Some guys will go after a hoe than go after a good guy because hoes provide sexual stimulation. Some dudes don't want to waste their time with a good guy who has all these rules for him when he's trying to hit it and quit so why not go after someone on the same page with.
         Another reason has to do with approach. Women liked to be approached, and yes there are nice guys that approach women, but it's the way they approach is what captures her attention. Bad boys approach way differently than women especially because of what I said earlier about attraction. Bad boys are known for their swag and so women dwell on it because the swag means that they are confident. Yes, there are nice guys with confidence, but it's a different type of confidence that women notice. Bad boys radiate a certain sexiness that makes the approach more assertive and worth taking advantage of. That's why most girls like when a guy sweet talks her, yes it usually gets her into her pants, but if the flirting worked for her, she tries not to hold anything back.
       Women also tend to feel protected when they are with a bad boy. They have such a touch exterior and a mentality that nothing can defeat them so therefore women think, "He can get me out of this situation," or "He will take care of me." He might protect you for a little bit, but you are still on your own. Not all bad boys will save you, some might actually get you killed or in trouble. The touch guy exterior can only do, but so much with you. They probably would be great protectors if they weren't assholes.
        Here's one of the biggest reasons besides the idea of fixing a guy which is that girls like drama and who provides the drama, bad boys! Some girls like the feeling of wanting what they can't have which ties into the mental games because it's all incorporated into drama. Bad boys tend to be more exciting because they have no fear nor do they care about anything. Nice guys tend to be boring to some women especially if she's the type that gets bored easily so therefore bad boys bring in all the fun that she desires even when it's the wrong fun. Even their conversations are interesting either because their voice is very deep and seductive or they say things that they want to do to you that you like or even their sweet talking sounds mysterious. Since bad boys are usually not approved by the parents, it makes girls want him even more by sneaking off with him because bad boys are spontaneous.

Now if you are the type is ok with dealing with bad boys, then so be it. It's not recommended to date them, but you also can't help you are attracted to. It's just that it's not always expected to have a bad boy fall in with you the way that he wants to. Just be safe and be happy!

If you were ever with a bad boy what was your experience like? What do you find attractive about them? Can bad boys change?

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