Thursday, May 23, 2013

Being Sexy And A Criminal

Earlier Inside Edition did somewhat of a countdown on the top sexiest mugshots and I sat there and what like, "Really!"
         It seems a little silly to do a segment about showing off who looked the prettiest before doing time or doing a "Sexist Serial Killers Ever," special or doing "The Top Most Beautiful Inmates." It might make a person think is the media really that shallow and too consumed in appearance. Yes I can admit in my opinion the girls that were shown were beautiful, but it just seem unnecessary to a countdown of prettiest mugshots. A couple of years ago I did a post about attractive people having it easy and I mentioned how it seems like the better looking you are the more incidents you can get away with. As the years go by it seems like the media tends to prove me right. One controversial example I used is Debra Lafave.
       For those that don't remember her, Debra Lafave was the 24-year-old school teacher that got arrested and charged for having a sexual relationship with her 14-year-old student back in 2004. During her trials she admitted to having oral sex and intercourse with her student all while being married to her newlywed husband, Kristian Lafave. It was later reported that she had bipolar disorder which causes hyper sexuality especially in women. Being that Lafave was the typical blonde hair, blue-eyed, petite-bodied the court felt there was no reason to put her in jail because she was all-American. They literally said "She is too pretty for jail." Putting her in jail is like putting raw meat into a cage of lions. That is insane to wrap someone's head around. She is of course divorced and free and terminated from her probation a couple years ago. Even with her disorder that is still no excuse to not put her in jail pretty or not because she still knew what she was doing.
      With her stories as well as millions of other women's stories, it seems like the media has fun with using beauty as a layer to a topic. This means that they could use beauty to do countdowns for anything not even just crimes like "Top Contest Winning Hotties Of 2013," or "Biggest Boob Mechanics," etc. The media gets playful with beauty. Yes, beauty usually initiates first impression, but it doesn't always apply to anything. It does help in so many situations especially with crime. The girls mentioned in the top prettiest mugshot countdown all had their charges dropped. None of them were convicted of any murders, but it might make a person suspicious on why their situation was just as simple as getting arrested, take picture and then you are free. The media has this idea that it's like how can someone so gorgeous do such a crime? Attraction has nothing to do with the level of crime.

Do you think beauty is a factor when it comes to crime? Would you convict someone if they were beautiful or not?

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