Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boy Breaks Down Sex Between Men And Women

This 19-year-old boy was speaking the truth about male and female perspective on sex.

            I give him so much credit because so people (mainly teens) don't understand the mind sets that we have that are way different from each other and he pretty much spoke the truth. Men and women are wired so oppositely that it seems impossible to understand and deal with each other. This boy pretty much explains that as boys their mind is too focused on their sex drives because that is how they are built. He then goes into detail about the behaviors and actions that boys do that women get caught up in. There is a saying that goes, "For women it starts in between her ears, and for men it starts in between the legs," and it's accurate. Women are built to be very emotional whereas men are built to be physical and somehow we have to meet in the middle.

            It's good that this guy had the courage to reach out to the world to explain how he feels about the concept of sex between men and women. His video reminded me of something that R&B singer, Tyrese, said that had to do with his book, "Manology." He mentioned that there are some men that will sleep with a women and even if the sex is good, he still feels lonely. Some people might wonder how does this happen, but it's because if you are just running through random people without getting to know them then you will feel like there was no mental stimulation to begin with that built a connection. Some people get so caught up in the physical because that person just turned them on so much that you can't help but to give in. So then he mentions that it can be important to make love to a women's mind because when you do that then everything else is a breeze. I'm sure most women can agree with that.

So, enjoy the video and comment below about your POV of what he said that you either agree or disagree.

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