Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching Your Best Friend's Partner Cheating-What Would You Do?

What do you do if you caught your best friend's partner cheating? People always wondered that question especially if they haven't caught anybody yet.

        Cheating is such a difficult thing to deal with whether you are in a relationship or not especially when it involves someone you care about and trust the most. When it comes to your best friend or even a family member the situation is too sticky to get out of. On one hand you don't really want to get involved because it's none of your business, but on the other hand you are trying to be a good person and give your friend or family member a heads up. It's even worst when mutual friends are involved because then you are looking at the person so much differently.

         I recently had a discussion this topic with one of my guy friends and he explained that some people would tell as long as there's proof. This could mean a video footage of the cheating just like the show, e-mails, mistaken text messages, etc. If the person would've told without any visuals then it would seem like the person was jealous. Some people would also tell because they would want someone to tell them if their partner was cheating, but again there has to be proof. For the most part though some guys would tell their friends and will leave it at that whereas girls have their back up girls to catch the guy and humiliate him sometimes. Of course it can back fire especially when it's based off of assumptions.

        If you are the type that would never tell, it's very understandable and reasonable but awkward if it's either the partner or the person that is cheating with the partner is a good friend of yours as well. If you guys were to do a group outing together, the non cheater is going to wonder why every is being iffy with each other. You try so hard to keep your mouth shut because you are trying to stay out of it as much as possible, but you feel bad because your friend that's the non cheater doesn't realize they are being played. So then what do you do to make the situation less awkward.

         I wouldn't know what to do if I saw one of my friend's partners cheating. I can't really say I would tell or not tell because I know it's not my business plus what you catch can often times be a misunderstanding or assumption. If a friend were to tell me that my man was cheating I would definitely take it into consideration especially knowing the type of friend they are. It becomes even trickier when a group of is telling you that your partner is cheating because you don't know if they are just starting rumors or they know something you don't so now it's like what do you go by?

If you have caught your friend's partner cheating how did you go about the sitation? Did you tell? Would you keep it inside and take it to your grave? If you are on the other end how did you handle someone telling you?

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