Sunday, May 19, 2013

Club Etiquette

Clubbing is one of the things that young adults and even teens always use to either meet people, relieve stress, have a guy/girls night out, or just plain having fun, but what are the stigmas behind it? Are there really standards to live by when clubbing?

      When it comes to going out to a club there are certain categories where people have particular expectations for especially when you are meeting people or having fun. Some of these categories are dating, fashion, and flirting. Behavior can make or break a person because it falls back to that phrase "first impression." First impressions does determine a lot of things, but most of the times our assumptions can be wrong. So what are the limits?

       -Some people might go to the club to find a date or a significant. Others feel that a club is not the right place to do so because of the type of environment that clubs draw people into. Most would even say that a club is only good for one night stands because a person's main purpose for going to a club is to have fun so why not take advantage of someone that is doing the same thing as you. Either way a club is typical not the right atmosphere for a lot if you are looking for a significant other for these type of reasons.
                a= It's simply just the wrong crowd. Most people might say a club consist of...
                        ~gold diggers
I'm sure there are more terms, but those are the top ones. When the majority of that environment have those type of people, it's hard to make a selection. On top of that you can't really tell whaat type of person you are dealing with when you are clubbing because people can easily hide themselves or lie even if you have good judgement.
                b= Coversations are limited. The vibrant music makes verbal communication very difficult. You are spending the entire time yelling into each other's ears when you are talking. Therefore you have to go by body language and gestures which can also be easily misinterpreted. Some people might not really want to make conversation with anyone because they just want to listen to the music or get drunk.
                c= Alcohol is involved. When someone is drunk, they are exactly that. You are not really getting to know the person when you're drunk. With some people, they can be angry drunks so therefore your coversations with them could be arguments the whole night or for that moments. Of course what sometimes comes with arguments are fist fights. Lots of fights means not a good crowd to try to get to know. For some people their speech is slurred when they are drunk so you are not going to get much out of them anyway.

     -A big part of first impressions has to do with your fashion style. Your appearance says a lot about you before you even say anything. A person is always being judged by what they wear whether it is the color of the outfit, how you are wearing it, how long or short the outfit is, how tight or loose you are wearing the outfit, etc. all of that is taken into consideration when figure out the type of person you are.
    - When it comes to women if they are wearing something revealing they are looked at as a hoe. In most females' minds they see themselves as confident when they have on something that would be considered really short or if they are wearing a top that enhances their cleavage, but most men find that as "she's asking for it," when wearing explicit attire.
   - When it comes to guys, most of the times they are judged by their shoes and shirts. Women usually like their men with a good taste in style especially if she's the type that likes bad boys so if he doesn't have on the right color of t-shirt or a brand new pair of Jordan's, some women might actually drop him. It's pretty silly, but it does happen. Her first impression is that he doesn't know how to dress and she doesn't want to be seen with him.
   - I think people should wear whatever they want when going to a club. People are going to be judged regardless of what they wear but the most important thing is the confidence you have behind your clothes. People are easy to make false assumptions so when there is a girl wearing the shortest daisy dukes at least she has the confidence to maybe show off her legs. If a guy is wearing suspenders and is happy in them at least he has the confidence to either be a nerd or just simply not care that everyone doesn't approve of his look.


    - Flirting is pretty much a must when you are clubbing. When you talk a good game, your conversations are heightened. Some people don't even realize they flirt because they could just have a vivacious personality that is contagious or they could have a good sense of humor. Even though flirting is fun and safe sometimes, you still have to be careful with it.
   - Something that is always talked about amongst women is when guys buy drinks for them. Most women can't stand it because it's not a good impression when trying to get to know someone. Most girls know that the guy just want a lot of attenton or sex when he offers to buy her a drink which is the whole point to begin with. Some girls will accept the drink just because it's free. Others girls will accept it because it's free and the guy is attractive so therefore they will try to see if he's game.
   - Some people feel that dancing is flirting because it can be a mating call. The dance floor is the place to let loose and enjoy the energy of the club and music. Of course the way a person dances is easily judged because of how flirtatious they are being. When people are grinding on the dance floor the assumption is that the girl is a hoe and the guy is about to seal the deal. There is a double standard here because why can't it be that the two people are just simply having fun and their way of dancing is by grinding or even slow grinding. Everything that is done in the club is constantly being observed and judged upon.

So what do you think, is there such thing as taking things to far whether it is with flirting, how you dress or even what you drink? If you had used clubs to find a date or a partner what has been your experience?

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