Saturday, May 25, 2013


You know that feeling you get when your stomach is bubbling and your mind is spinning then you sit there and go, "Am I sick!" not really you could be having a crush!

        Crushes are something that just jumpstarts our day because it brings on so much motivation no matter what we are doing. You could be cooking, but when you have a crush on someone you could be pretending to cook something that they like or cooking for them. Some crushes make you want to work out even when you don't work out often. Crushes just takes over your mind because you cannot stop thinking about this person, you just feel so passionate about them, but the problem is either they don't know you exist or they don't know your crushing them. It's worst when they don't know you exist because then you question when are you ever going to meet this person or if you did would they like you back? The good part though is that crushes can be used as fantasies especially if you are the type that is afraid to fall in love because of heartbreaks or you don't have to answer to anybody, it's just that they are just fun to think about. So when does crushing become obsessive? Here are what some people might think are the signs:

                   You Schedule Your Life Around That Person
       You literally find out their schedule either for the week or the day and you schedule out your plans so that at some point you meet up with them. This becomes a problem when your priorties affect your friends and family because there's an abrupt change it routine with you. Sometimes you could mix a priority into another priority meaning you could miss a doctors appointment because you scheduled yourself to go to the same gym with that person or you could've cancel plans with your friends because you found out your crush is going to this restaurant that you just left yesterday. It becomes too much.

                        You Fall Into The Stalker Category

         This is similar to scheduling your life around your crush, but now you are taking it to a totally different level because you are starting to stalk. This means you secretly look up their information to see where they are so you can pop up out of nowhere, you buy tracking devices to catch their every move, you might hack into their accounts to know what they are thinking, etc. You are obsessed to the point where you have to know what they are doing every minute of the day.

                  You Might Over Flirt When Approaching

      You can't help yourself because you finally found the time to actually talk to your crush face-to-face, but then you become too flirtatious. This is because you are either admitting your feelings towards them or you are impressing them too much. This is a hard situation because 9 times out of 10 it turns embarrassing especially if their friends are right there.

       Crushes have a huge affect on our emotions because most of your thoughts escapes when you daydream about them. It's ok to get a little obsessed, but don't let it affect your friends and family. Once they confront you then you might have a slight problem because you are taking your reality to the extreme. Now that you have this obsession the question then becomes do you tell your crush?

        The question for that is....maybe. It depends on how you feel. Some people have the confidence to confront their feelings others would rather take it to their grave. Some people feel it is best to tell when you notice that your crush might like you so at least when you confess, it's more comfortable. Rejection is too painful to handle at times, but some people wouldn't mind dealing with it because they see it as, "At least I know now," kind of thing. Others don't do well with rejection, but yet not telling is killing them inside. So then what do you do?

Should people confront their crushes or take it to the grave? Is it ok to obsess?

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