Thursday, May 23, 2013

Girl Fights VS Guy Fights

Fighting is such an epidemic within our culture as humans whether it is through physical or verbal disputes. Either way it causes such unhealthy or bad behavior to ourselves.
       Of course everyone goes about their fighting different especially how men fight vs how women fight. It goes back to emotions and how we deal with them. Mean and women go about their emotions very differently because of how we are wired. Women have a lot more sensitivity than men do. Men are very physical people. This is not to say that men aren't emotional and women aren't physical, it's just that typical how physiological make up differs.
         When men fight it is usually more direct and to the point. If there is a issue that has to be settled physical, then it gets done and it's over. A few minutes or a day later they forget about the whole and maybe go grab a beer or something. They tend to not be too grudgy about situations especially if it happened years before. It usually starts off with an insult, but insults are sometimes what guys use to greet each other. They might walk up to each other and say something like, "You lookin real ugly today man," and the other guy might go, "Thanks for noticin brah," and then they go about their business or play pool later. So what usually causes an insult to turn into an all out brawl if it's not that serious? What does a guy have to say or do in order for it to get intensed?
         For women, it's a little different. Since females are the more emotional creates, things are taken more to heart. Everything is passionate and over-the-top so when it comes to fighting be prepared with popcorn and a bell to start the wrestling match. Sometimes for some women it doesn't have to be an insult to them off, but a compliment. Yea a compliment can cause a dispute. The green eye monsters to float in their bloodstreams especially when a girl sees another girl in the same thing she is wearing. A conversation can start off as, "Wow those earrings kinda look nice on you," the other girl replies, "Thanks, and your shoes actually work for you," it might sound innocent, but in their minds they could be thinking, "I can't believe she looks better than me, I should kill her for that," or even, "I hope she really don't think those shoes are that cute." Eventually these girls will start competing on who looks better in what and could eventually start a fist fight because they were talking smack to each other. Now the actual fighting is intense because once the earrings slide off, best believe they will start World War Three that sometimes will last forever. For some reason it seems like females naturally go for the hair first and it makes the fight look uglier than it already is because it's more aggressive. The worst part about female fights is that it last forever and I'm not just talking about the fist fight length itself, but the after affect. Our grudges last from five months to five years and sometimes even longer than that. If girls do settle their conflict sometimes it's hours of talking it out and a lot of crying and then they are besties in hopes that it doesn't happen again.

Youtuber, Kainlengends did a video on his perspective of girls fighting vs guys fighting, here's the url for it: Enjoy!

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