Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Left Eye

Today marks what would have been Left Eye's 42nd birthday.
         Former TLC singer, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, charmed fans everywhere with her spunky ora and fun personality. To honor her stage name, she would put a black mark under her left eye as well as a piercing on her left eyebrow. Her and the group was all about promoting safe sex by wearing outfits with condoms on their overalls and hats. They used to get criticized for it because people thought the group was promoting sex in young people.
         During her years with TLC, they became one of the most successful groups with their chart-topping albums and smashing singles. They came out with their first album, "Oooooohhh.....On The TLC Tip," in 1992 and it sold six million copies. The album feature their hit singles, "Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg," "Hat 2 Da Back," "What About Your Friends," and "Baby-Baby-Baby." Their second album, "CrazySexyCool," went on to sell 15 million copies featuring the songs, "Waterfalls," "Red Light Special," "Creep," and "Digging On You." The song, "Digging On You," had it's own edition where the audio was the girls live performance on the CD single that they did a video for. Their third album, "FanMail," was a tribute album to their fans. The song, "No Scrubs," made a name for itself because it was like the all-time female anthem about men who are just up to no good. In response to that song, New York rap group, Sporty Thieves, made a diss track called, "No Pigeons," using the same music bashing no good females.
        In 2000, Left Eye went on to go solo and came out her first solo album, "Supernova." It was released in other countries before being released in the US, but it didn't too well. She was about to come out with a second album called, "N.I.N.A," but she had issues with her label, Arista Records. She noticed her albums kept getting cacelled in th US even when she promoted them on her website.
       Within her love life, she admitting to having been through alcoholism and domestic abuse which caused her personality to be fiesty. She stunned the world when she set her ex-boyfriend, Andre Rison's, house on first by putting his tennis shows in the bathtub and throwing a match in it. On TLC's E! THS she explained her situation on how she went about it saying "I couldn't find no size six," said Lopes. She also explained that she took her frustrations out on their house that they shared becuase of the ongoing abuse he had perfomed in the relationship. She reported to have been beaten and no freedom while dating Rison causing her to lash out the night she caused the housefire. She was sentenced to five years probation and therapy for her incident.
        On April 25, 2002, Lopes and nine of her friends were having fun in Hondurus when they got into a car accident having swered a couple of times hitting two trees. Lopes was the only one killed due to head trauma and neck injuries from being flown out of the window. Before crashing, Lopes friend that was in the passenger seat had filmed Lopes driving into her last few seconds of her life that later appeared on Lopes documentary, "Last Days Of Left Eye." her documentary was very errie and controversial because it showed her preminiscions and flashbacks on her life and how she felt about herself spiritually plus showing herself getting swerved off the road into her death.
        Before Left Eyes death she had completed her fourth album with TLC titled, "3D," which featured the single, "Girl Talk." Being that it was released after Left Eye's death the video showed an animation representing Left Eye and at the very end was a quick aknowledgment of the rapper and a cartoon of the whole group. In 2008, a tribute album was released in her honor called, "Eye Legacy," that had unreleased tracks she made before her death and songs done by other artists that she was associated with. Her legacy as well as TLC remains a women empowerment movement as well as youth empowerment to people and artist everywhere.
        Earlier this months announcements were made about the TLC biopic that stars Drew Sidora as T-Boz, KeKe Palmer as Chilli, and Lil Mama as Left Eye. So far there is no set date on when the biopic will be released, but VH1 has been doing promo pics on what will be shown in the biopic, showing legacy and career of the girls and Left Eye's moment during her solo time.

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