Friday, May 24, 2013

How Do You Know That You Are Strung Along?

No one likes the feeling of betrayal or being played, but have you ever really been oblivious to the signs that someone is just taking you on an emotional ride.
         Most people has been or might end up in a situation where they were being taken advantage of in a relationship. Sometimes people don't realize it's happening because they get so caught up within the situation especially if they are madly in love with the person. Others are just so naive because they try to be so hopeful that a miracle will come out in the end not realizing that the relationship will end. Some people might also see the signs, but don't want to believe that they are being strung along because they either invested so much time in the relationship or they are just simply not sure if it's true or not. So how exactly do you know when the strings are pulled. These are some signs that people think about that indicates someone stringing you along:

               Being Standoffish In Public

        Everybody has seen those people that act like they have a split personality. When they are in private with you they are fun, talkative, excited, and socially involved with you. In public, it's like they have no idea who you are. Whaat's up with that? Well most of the time it's to impress other people that they know especially if they are seeking out someone else. That's the worst feeling when they ignore you in front of everyone because rejection can make a person feel embarrassed. You can't help but to confront them right then and there and what's with the new behavior.

                 They Never Told Their Close Friends About You

          Usual when someone is excited about you they brag to their friends about you. Friends usually all the stories or hears your name constantly in the conversations especially if it's good things they talk about. So if you are a shock to their friends it's because you weren't mentioned to them by the person you are with. It makes you feel like they are hiding you from them or that you are not important and that's a horrible feeling to feel especially if you didn't do anything wrong to them. The best way to solve that is to again confront them to see what's the deal. If there is no answer, hopefully you know what to do after that.

                They Take A Long Time To Respond

          Pretty self-explanatory, you send someone a text and then you wait....and you wait......and you wait. Then what, nothing. You want to stay calm, but in your head you're like, "What's going on with them!" especially if they are the type that are always on their phone. Or you call them and it goes straight to voicemail every single time. The suspicions jsut starting building and building to the point where you give yourself a headache. Of course there are certain exceptions to why they haven't responded to like calls or text being that their phone could've died or it was shut off, but if you have their other contact informaion they should at least respond through either e-mail or skype or facebook, etc. Therefore if you feel that they are ignoring you, just leave them alone. Don't get too carried away with constantly contacting them because you don't want to look like a stalker.

                                   They Don't Take You Seriously

         You know what I'm talking about. They get annoyed with everything you are doing or are not concerned with your feelings, but yet they tell you not to leave them because they are working on themselves. You know that is a bunch of bull....If you can't seem to talk to the other person about the problems that is going on between you two then you shouldn't really be around each other. You are only hurting each other when you prolong avoiding the issue. Put a stop to it and ask them where is this going, if' there's no answer, they know exactly what a door looks like.

Of course there are a lot more reasons than this, but this was just an overview what most people complain about. It is hard to let go of something you are used to but remember that your happiness matters before anything. If you were strung along what signs did you see that were different from the ones above?

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