Friday, May 31, 2013

Love In The Workplace

You ever go to work and see that one co-worker and be like, 'The things I would do to them."
         People find love everywhere or find lust as well. The workplace is sometimes one of those places. When you see somebody you like that you work with, it tends to be a great motivation to go to work. It makes you work harder just so they can see you achieve and see passion from you. Sometimes you think you should make a move or they should make a move especially if you feel like a boss yourself. Crushing your co-working often times make your morning grooming more put together because it's like you are dressing to impress everyday. If you find out they like you to, it's a jackpot, but is ok to date them?
        They say you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but what if you can't help how you feel. Love and romance with your co-worker is a very complicated thing because anything could happen. They could probably have a crush on you and now you keep flirting with each other so much that your boss notices. The co-worker could be a distraction to your job either because you can't stop thinking about that person to the point you can't concentrate on your work or you act really funny when they come around because you have butterflies in your stomach, but then you embarrass yourself in front of other co-workers.
        Sleeping with them is on a different level. If the two of you do it with no strings attached then at least you can move on from it because you fulfilled your fantasies and didn't put forth any feelings. It might get awkward being around each other, but at least there is an understanding. If one of you do get attached off of it being a fling then that's when you have come back to yourself and realize they are just a co-worker. If the two of you decide to date, that's very tricky. If you guys break up that is going to hinder with your work ethic and the relationship with the co-worker. Since you have to see them everybody you have to figure out how to separate work from personal issues with them even when the break-up just recently happened. It would be different if one of you quit and got another job because then if you do decide to date you don't have to worry about anything being awkward. It's going to be a weird look in front of other people because they might notice different things about the two of you or they might get suspicious of your whereabouts so if you are going to mix business with pleasure, it's best to go about it with no strings attached.

Have you ever dated a co-worker? If so, how did it turn out? Is it ok to date your co-worker?

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