Monday, May 20, 2013

Men And Women Using Each Other's Body Products

Hygiene is very important within our everyday grooming routine, but does the product itself affect it based on how others view us?

      Everybody if not the majority, has had a situation where they have ran out of toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, perfume, soap, etc. If a heterosexual couple was in a monogamous relationship and they were living together, is it really ok for the guy to use his girl's shampoo or deodorant? What about her hair removal? Perfume? Can the girl wear his cologne? Or even use his razor?

      Some people would probably rather just go out wearing nothing at all and figure they will just buy it later. Others might just do it just because they ran out. I would think that more women would use men products than men using women products because of maybe bro code violations and that fact that the product says "for men," or "for women." Some people feel that products shouldn't be shared at all because it's just unnecessary and you are better off just waiting.

      There might be a few items that men can get away with using as long as it doesn't smell too much like a women such as shampoo and body wash. Perfume is usually the biggest no no because of scent. Cologne already has a manly smell so most guys would rather just wait and buy some more when they have the money. The problem with sharing products is the material or smell of the product. Certain items are made for women because of our hair or skin sensitivity. Most women have more sensitive skin than men so if they were to go through their man's things then have to make sure it's clean and usable for them. If it's something for their hair they have to make sure they have to use the right amount based on hair thickness especially if it's shaving cream or in the guy's case, Nair hair removal or something. As far as the guy he just have to make sure whatever female product he uses doesn't smell too much like a women.

I came across Tyrese and Ludacris's interview about this topic on and it was hilarious. These men don't really pay attention to the bro code when talking about deodorant especially Tyrese. I can't upload the video this is the url for it if you want to check out the video:

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