Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Miguel And His Fan Speaks Out After Incident

Millions saw and millions tweeted about Miguel's accident with his fan at the Billboard Music Awards.

      So many things were running through people's mind when it happened because it looked painful at first glance. When Billboard Magazine caught up with him backstage, he pretty much expressed how apologetic he is to his fan. His fan suffered just a minor smack on the elbow in which she held an ice pack for during the interview. Miguel explained that is definitely going to make it up to her by surprising her with concert tickets and also getting a chance to see Lil Wayne. When asked if she will still remain a fan of Miguel she playfully smiled and replied, "I adorn him." Miguel laughed with her and just wanted to make sure they were both ok.

Despite what happened, great performance, Miguel!

Url to the interview:

The video below is from the Blue Carpet event at the Billboard Awards where Miguel was asked about being compared to Prince and what it meant for him to share the stage with him.

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