Friday, May 10, 2013

New Song By LBronze and Chris Voice

A new song was just leaked the other day by LBronze and my favorite member of the group Hamilton Park, Chris Voice.

         The song is called "Squirter," and you can just imagine by the title of what it could be about. Yes they do sing about the girl being aroused, but I must say the song sounds very pretty. I swear Chris Voice and his group never lets me down when it comes to their music. When I was listening to it, it reminded of a song back in the late 90s. I don't know what particular song it was, but it kind of had an old school field to it.

         The song is on youtube as well as the link to download it in which I have put here below myself. If you can't download the link on my page you can certainly download it on youtube.

            Make sure you follow LBronze and Chris Voice on twitter: @LBronze, @iamchrisvoice.

Feel free to comment about your thoughts of the song on this page.

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