Saturday, May 25, 2013

Paying On The First Date

It's the first date you are excited and nervous, at this really nice restaurant chatting away. Conversations are pretty decent and everything goes smooth until the bill comes and the both of you look at each other like now what? Not because the bill is high, but who should pay.
             There are so many expectations when it comes to dating especially on the first date. Opinions fly everywhere on who should pay, who should pick who up, or where to go. Paying is the most important thing to discuss because you don't want the other person playing you out your money. So who should pay? Well that question gets asked a lot and what I found is most people say the guy because it represents chivalry and being courteous. Others say the girl should pay just because the guy took her out, some say the couple should just go dutch. As long as the bill gets paid, negotiation is important.
              When it comes to the guy paying, women have expectations based on him making the first move with the bill. When he pays, it makes her think that he is responsible and has the key word that floats in women's head, money. Most women look for stability and someone to take care of them so when a guy pays he makes a good first impression that heightens her standards. Of course some women will pull that trick where she pretends to pay just to see if he insist on paying and the minute he doesn't mind doing so, she feels that he is being a gentlemen. Another aspect is the fact that if he asked her out, then he should automatically pay because he initiated. This goes for the women to because you are taking the person somewhere so therefore you are offering to pay for everything.
              When it comes to the girl paying, again she should do so if she asked him out because she initiated and is showing that she enjoyed the date with him. A lot of guys actually like when the girl pays to him it makes him feel like she appreciated his company and his time. Appreciation is a big deal to men so if a girl is willing to pay with no problem, his ego will be happy.
               If you guys choose to go dutch make sure it is established before going on the date. Nothing's worst than feeling awkward on the first on who should pay because one expected to go dutch and the other wanted the other person to pay. At least when you agree to split the bill, it's equal. Something that some couples do is one person pays the bill and the other person leaves the tip which is pretty smart. Either way you are both pitching in as a team.
              It doesn't seem like there's a right or wrong way on the first date I don't know who should really pay. It's important that people take turns with paying so it doesn't make the other person seem spoiled. If one person pays one night, the other person should pay another night. If two people decides to go dutch then so be it. If one person pays the bill the other person should leave a tip. You are trying to get to know each other and within that is impressing each other so it's best to do your fair share.

What are your rules for paying on the first date? Should the guy pay or the girl pay? Is going dutch acceptable the first night?

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