Friday, May 24, 2013

Philly Gunman At Stripclub

On Saturday May 11, two guys came and invade a Philedelphia strip club just because they weren't playing the right music.

        Just a few days ago I did a post about club etiquette and behaviors tactics while clubbing, but now it seems like all that stuff doesn't matter unless you have a good DJ. The first guy that walked in had an argument with the manager about the music. He felt that they weren't playing the kind of songs that he liked and almost got into an altercation with him. When they kicked the guy out, he came back with an AK-47. The crazy part was the guy kept slipping when he was running back into the club and even slipping before he shot fire.
        He then sent his friend back into the club to act as his getaway to distract the bouncers of the club and to make sure they drive off in time.

Even though music sets the mood or the scene of the atmosphere, but if you hate the music either grin and bear it or leave.

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