Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ray J's Leading Lady On 106 & Park

What a surprise, but then again not a surprise when Ray J brought out his leading lady with him on 106 & Park.
         Ray J appeared on the show yesterday, May 22, to explain more about his song that a lot of people have been hyping up, "I Hit It First." Bow Wow pretty much was trying to get to the root of all the controversy behind that song because the title alone is just giving it away. When ask who was the song about all Ray J could say was "I was going through a lot in my life and it's the beginning of a story," of course the audience was buying it because it sounded like he was beating around the bush. Ray J also stated that the song itself is self-explanatory.
        Later on the show he revealed that the leading lady in the video who is supposedly the Kim Kardashian look-a-like was backstage at the show. The audience couldn't wait any longer and brought her out. It was interesting to see her come out because she doesn't look too much like Kim and in the video she looks more like Eva Longoria in my opinion. The girl revealed her name to be Luba. Ray J has other projects going on his career where as I stated earlier the "I Hit It First" song is setting the bar high into his other segments of songs. The rest of the chapters of his music will explain more of what he went through in his life while in the industry.

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