Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Cleveland Hero Issue is one of a few sites known for spilling gossip on the latest incidents. One post was about the Cleveland hero, Charles Ramsey.

     Investigators claimed that he had a criminal record of beating up his wife and was charged for his three attacks. Now usually I don't believe in rumors until they are poven by the source itself, but it got me thinking at the same time.

Does a person's negative past affect a positive deal that they are doing in the present?

     Even if their criminal past relates to a current heroic situaiton, it makes you wonder if that person could be trusted. For example: let's say a man raped a young girl when he was in his 20s, he is now in his 40s and saves a four-year-old from a man that has been molesting her for a long time, should that man be considered a hero even though the situation is contradictory.

     It is definitely possible that people can change especially if they have the mind-set that what they did in their past was wrong and now it's time to grow up. Everything is a learning experience, but at the same time you never know who is really to be trusted. People also has to realize that everyone in the world makes mistakes, but one shouldn't settle in the mistake.

     So is it ok to judge a person by their past? Should a person's past be taken into consideration if it doesn't have anything to do with a current problem or situation? What do you think?

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