Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Childfree By Choice Rights

The idea of having the"American Dream" is usually a standard that society takes into consideration often. At around 25, one is typically to be married with 2.5 kids, but what if you get married with no desire of being parents.

       According to the census bureau, the birth rate made a sudden decline in 2008 which led to people wondering why the drop. Most couples were starting to reveal that they are childless by choice. The childfree by choice movement has caused many stigmas by critics stating that couples (mainly married) that choose to be childfree are selfish. Other critics state that childfree couples could be sensible. Choosing to have kids is no different than choosing to not have them.

       Some of the reasons why most married couples choose to be childfree are freedom, economy, not responsible enough, or not ready. It is important for society to know that people having those reasons does not make them selfish, instead makes them smart because they know themselves enough to know that they can't handle an extra life. Other critics noticed one of the top reasons is the overpopulation and pollution rate. Producing more kids means too much more of society than what is already a lot of.

       Getting married is something people choose to do, so does having kids. Since kids are a choice, couples should be allowed to have birth control choices whether it is permanent or temporary. Even though surgery is a big risk with altering the reproductive system a couple can always freeze their eggs and sperm. With that option in mind, a women should be allowed to get a hysterectomy if she doesn't having any kids and a man should be allowed to have a vasectomy. The problem is hysterectomy effects a women's drive and hormones whereas a vasectomy can be reversible because the tube can fuse back together.

       The first clip at the top of the page is of college students and staff explaining their opinions on childless couples. The second clip is a panel of women on the Joy Behar show explaining the side of the movement.

        What are you thoughts on being childfree? Is it selfish or sensible?

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