Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Sweet Brown Show

The lady herself who everyone has time for, Sweet Brown, is going to be starring in the new Tyler Perry's Madea's Christmas film.
       The youtube sensation had announce that she was doing a reality show as well a few months ago. It's amazing how her career is taking flight just off of a news report about a house fire and now she is heating up the airwaves and entertainment. Her famous news coverage has had over 28 million hits on youtube and said there were no scripts involved in her report. There has been many remixes and videos portraying the original footage that has also made hits in the millions.
        She has been compared to Cleveland hero, Charles Ramsey, for her courage to speak on an issue on tv. Even though it didn't get as many viewers on youtube for his simaritan antics he still had similar traits of having good interviewee skills.
        In the interview above, Sweet Brown discusses her reality show, her role in Tyler Perry's new film, Beyonce quoting her, and her feelings towards Charles Ramsey. The video below is the original coverage of her famous "aint nobody got time for that," footage.

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