Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 Year Anniversary For Michael Jackson

We all know what day it is, the title pretty much explains itself.

            It's crazy to know it has been four years since his untimely death. I remember when I first heard the news. I was sitting in my dorm room taking summer courses and the news was first talking about Farrah Fawcett (R.I.P to her as well) and then like 10 minutes after announcing her death E! News interrupted saying Michael Jackson had to be rushed to the hospital. The media checked back in to different stations to get the status on him and his dad said he wasn't doing too well. About 30 minutes after his dad mentioned him the media had finally admitted that he was dead. It was such a weird situation because people were trying to mourn the loss of Fawcett but she wasn't the focus anymore and of all people to be distracted from, Michael Jackson had to be that person.

            I feel bad for his daughter because Paris has been going through a lot at such a young age. She should be enjoying her life and experiencing things her way, but the pressure that is sitting on her is so unnecessary. I can just imagine how she and her brothers are feeling on this sad day. Even though her dad is someone to be proud of from his highly achieving success, she still is just a 15-year-old trying to find herself. Her and her family are continuing to try and deal with the chaos that goes on in their life. All we can do is wish her and her family well and just pray.

The video below is what people considered his best performance he ever done: 1995 VMAs.

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