Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Names Revealed


Babies are popping everywhere, but do we know who they are?
          Brand new mothers Tamar Braxton and Kim Kardashian have been proudly cherishing their prides and joys away from all of the cameras and chaos. They have been tweeting about their excitements to share with their friends by showing pictures of gifts or just posting a message about their baby's arrival. The thing is we never knew what their names were. Being that yesterday was Father's Day, Braxton decided to show her husband, Vincent Herbert, some love by posting an image of her son in which she revealed his name to be Logan Vincent Herbert, "Our son, Logan Vincent Herbert and I are proud to share this day with you," said Braxton when she tweeted her husband a Father's Day wish.
         It has been two days since Kim gave birth and the world has been waiting for the day they find out the child's name. According to MTV News, the little girl is reported to be named Emilee West. The news broke out yesterday via twitter. I don't know if this is the true that is just what people have been tweeting, but so far Kim and Kanye's daughter's name is Emilee. Either way it's a good thing they are healthy. The baby has also been reported to be breathing on her own and is in good shape. The child weighed just 5 pounds and about 14 ounces at birth which means she made it to be considered a preemie. There hasn't been leaks of pictures yet which I know people are craving at the moment.
Congrats again to both couples!

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