Monday, June 17, 2013

Being Thirsty

Is it too much to be completely thirsty? I mean there is such a thing as "Thirsty Thursdays!" Well what is being thirsty?
            All of this really depends on what you think being thirsty is, so it varies. Some people might think thirstiness is a person that flirts too much, others might think it's a promiscuous person, some might think it's a person that acts out to get too much attention. So many definitions of thirstiness. With that being said, everyone has had experience with someone that they felt was so thirsty especially in the club. You could be minding your business and someone approaches you and their flirting maybe cute at first but then they get carried away and just won't leave you alone. Or you run into that drunk person in the club that just want to talk to everyone and it's turning you off so automatically you associate that with thirstiness.
            I talked to my friends about this yesterday and what their experience have is that when people are considered thirsty, they are trying to get with any and everyone as possible to get sex from them. They flirt hard to the point where they don't stop because it's like they are on a mission or they are using the phrase YOLO (you only live once) as an excuse. They also expressed that there are ways to tell if one is being too forward with their level of thirsty. Usually when a guy is being thirsty:
  1. He does whatever he can to get laid
  2. He'll be charming and hang out with you, but won't take you out on dates
  3. Tries to get every girls number that he sees
  4. Chase after girls that don't want to be bothered
  5. Text during booty call hours and don't call at all
When a girl is being thirsty:
  1. She tries to sleep with everybody's man
  2. Craves way too much attention
  3. Her behavior changes when she is around a bunch of people
  4. Has a very promiscuous past due to low self-esteem
         So it's many different signs of thirstiness. It can easily be associated with desperateness because both parties are seeking some of attention. They feel like if they get validation then they will be hydrated with pride in a way. It can get too far when a person becomes dehydrated and it starts to affect their friends or others around them. They pretty much embarrass themselves, doing table dances or posting pictures of the night they had, or more than one person is kissing them at the same time right in front of their dates. Some don't know their level of thirstiness or don't realize they are even being thirsty.
If someone is a thirsty person, that is strictly their business. As long as they are not hurting anybody or themselves, let them be. Now if you have a friend that is taking their thirsty level to another one then it might be best to be a good friend and let them know to be careful with it. Again thirstiness varies from person to person on what the actually definition is. If you are comfortable with treating yourself on "Thirsty Thursdays" have fun, the rest of us can celebrate "Freak Nasty Fridays!" At the end of the day, stay safe.

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