Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Danity Kane Lunch Update

A few weeks ago I did a post about a "Making The Band" reunion possibility. Even though that sounds great for a lot of people don't get too hyped.
        Former Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard, spoke with Pacific Rim about her meeting with the girls when they had lunch. She explained that all it was just was exactly that, lunch, and there weren't any expectations of doing another album. She did mention that it was a surprise that the Danity Kane fanbase is still strong after six years of being apart from each other saying, "We ate, we walked out and we didn't realize how powerful it was," said Richard.
        Of course they asked about D. Woods absense and says that she was invited, but it was ok that she wanted to do her own thing. It is clear that there is still love there because it's not necessary to hold any grudges if there were any. Dawn went to explain that none of the girls spoken to each other because they have moved on and been happy with the careers they've had since their departed saying, "Whatever people choose, let them live in their moment," said Richard. As far as a actual reunion Richard says she doesn't know at the moment because she didn't know how insane the fanbase wants to make it happen but saying, "We'll see."
I wish all the girls the best of luck. If they come out with a reunion, that's great. If they don't then so be it. Either way they still have support.

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