Thursday, June 27, 2013

Female Players


I'm not talking about athletes, I mean women who know the tricks!

        Female players are often times a lot more manipulative than men. They woo men with their sexy, seductive walk, and certain gestures causes a distraction so they can reel them in. Most of the time female players are after money when they play the mind games because they are seeking attention one way to feed their ego is to suck out a man's bank account. It is important to men to be mindful of these type of women because they get so caught up with the woman's sexiness that he can't help himself. These are some aspects in which a woman can be considered a player to get what she wants:
The Being Needy Trick
         These are the women that just want everything or sometimes pretend to want everything just to control you. Every 20 minutes it's "Can I have this," or "Can you do this for me!" or "I want that purse now!" She tends to get over dependent to the point where it drives him away. The type of guy she's dealing with is probably no where near her type but he simply just does things for her and of course she takes advantage.
The Being Promiscuous Trick
       I'm talking about the women that have no shame in their game what so ever. When most people think of a women that have been around it sometimes can be tied into low self-esteem. Some women do use self-esteem to get sex from guys to feel loved, but sometimes there are women that have a mentality of a guy when it comes to sex. She goes around sleeping with different men with no feelings attached as a way of gaining power. She figured she can just sleep with men to get back at them for when they play minds. It's like a competition on who can gain more power.
The Attention-Craving Trick
      This trick ties into being needy, but this type of player just wants attention. These women could be over flirtatious or makes men buy her drinks and then not drink, etc. Sometimes these women will also do things to themselves in order for people to look at them such as get huge boob/butt implants, cake on so much make up, wear an outfit that is questionable, things like that. She could also probably do something inappropriate in front of a bunch of guys just so they can react and comment and again she has no shame in doing so.
There are so many other things that women do gain a man's attention in order for him to fall into her tricks. These tricks above were just some of the most common that women do. There are so many women that are players but it's also looked past because society is so used to men playing the games. You would be surprised on how many women don't want relationships, they are just trying to have fun just like everyone else. If a female player and a male player were playing tricks on each other who do you think would win?

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