Thursday, June 13, 2013

From Love And Hip Hop To Hip Hop Sisters

TV is going from having love in the hip hop world to representing women in hop hop.
          BET is coming out with the show "Hip Hop Sisters" to uplift new artists that are breaking into the rap game. The show features female rap legends, MC Lyte, Lady Of Rage, Monie Love, Yo Yo, and Smooth. This is suppose a positive outlook on women of color and showing the world that there are successful female rappers out there making a difference in the industry. The show is inspired by MC Lyte's network, Hip Hop Sisters Network in which she also has a foundation for. She also mentors Lil Mama who is also suppose to be featured on the show.
          The show is kind of considered a reality show that is a documentary series because they are trying to uplift a new generation of artists. MC Lyte will executive produce the show and says that there needs to be more female rappers out there that will add more flavor to music. At one point, when award shows would come out there wasn't a category for female rappers because there wasn't enough to have a list of nominees. MC Lyte is ready to change all of that and have women of color represent positive females everywhere.

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