Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day


It's Father's Day so let's embrace our loved one and rejoice!
        Today is not just a day to celebrate the men in our lives. This day represents all of the gay/lesbian couples that are parents and a day dedicated to the single mothers out there, too. We tend to forget those statuses not just because of the decline of dad's in the lives of kids, but because of the definition of being a father. Yes, biologically someone is a father when they fertilize an egg, but it's about the outcome of that. The importance of a male figure in a child's life can affect the child in so many ways as far as behavior and having more of an understanding of how relationships work. It is definitely a plus when the father is involved, but it's not always the case because it also depends on the person themselves or the situation.
        Single mothers literally get singled out because the assumption is always that she made a bad decision with a guy and she ended up pregnant and now raises the child on her own. Sometimes the situation could be that she just wanted to be a mother to someone and decided to adopt. That right there can be a reason to celebrate Father's Day because for one she choice to raise a child and two, she is single but she is still a parent which means she is taking on the responsibility as if it was a two parent home. Of course it can be difficult if she raises a little boy because she can't necessarily teach him manly things, but who's to say that she doesn't have any men in her family that can be a great influence on her child's life. Singles mothers still have power in their lives that can be celebrated on Father's Day.
        Gay/lesbian couples also go through a lot of stigmas. They have just as much of rights to celebrate Father's Day as everyone else. Some of these gay and lesbian parents are better parents than heterosexual couples. They understand the idea of diversity and love that impacts a child's happiness to the fullest. They also get criticized for not having a figure of the opposite sex in the child's life but again who's to say that don't have relatives in their family of the opposite sex. A family is a unit. It doesn't always stop at mom and dad, it expands and broadens.
Happy Father's Day to all the parents out there!

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