Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Far Would You Go For Love

When we are in love, it feels like the world is at our finger tips but how much would you sacrifice for it?
         Love is such a strong thing that we don't know when to stop ourselves. Especially in the beginning when everything is new, but once it gets serious you have to really think about your future and the status of your relationship. With that being said is love really something that we should sacrifice 100%? Some people might say once you are married you have to sacrifice in order to compromise for the one you love. Others feels way too content with their personal life to let anyone interfere with it.
         Suppose you were in a situation where you have a really great job, you love your apartment, you are so used to the neighborhood you live in, etc. You then go on a business trip many, many miles away. One day during your lunch break you take a walk and run into someone then all of sudden you hold a conversation with them. After talking to one another for some time, the both of you fall in love. Eventually both of you have to go back to you hometowns so what do you do? A few weeks ago I did a post about long distance relationships and how to maintain it if you choose one. Since we are talking love, does it deserve a chance to be long distance.
          It's a very complicated situation so therefore it takes some time to know what you want out of a person as well as yourself. Love can so distracting especially when it's just infatuation. Sacrificing for someone is very tricky because this person really has to be worth it for you to go above your limits. Making it work means you have to work for each other, but would you really move from your happy place just to go be with someone else? Is it best to just stay where you are and just deal with the long distance because there is always video chatting and visiting? Are you suppose to sacrifice just because you are married?

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