Sunday, June 9, 2013

Is Snooping Allowed?

I know by the title some of you were throwing up the curse words saying, "H*** no snooping ain't allowed," or "The f*** you mean is it allowed, I don't play that!" I get it it is sneaky but how does it really impact a relationship.
           Everybody has some sort of curiosity bug in their stomach it's just that some people are addicted to acting on it so much. In a relationship especially it is so common because of the insecurity levels within us. Some people snoop because they tend to date out of their league so therefore they want to make sure nothing is going with their partner and other people being that they are highly attractive. Some people snoop because they simply have suspicions on whether or not their partner is cheating. Others snoop because they are too insecure to trust their partner. People have so many reasons why they snoop, but is it ever ok?
          Well snooping is definitely sneaky and can be wrong especially if you are in a committed relationship where there should be trust built up in it. Snooping can really make or break a relationship because the worst thing you can do is to catch yourself snooping and not finding anything revealing or explicit. Some people feel that snooping is ok when you notice something suspicious about your partner. What some people might do is like ask your partner's friends if they noticed anything different or with the type of technology we have in this world, there are so many places to search. If the two of you are facebook friends, follow each other on twitter or path, have each other's e-mails, etc. you might do some searching.
So what exactly is considered snooping?
          Well technically snooping is doing and searching for things with the other's person's private possession of course without their permission. You might wait until the person leaves the room to go through their things or just randomly pull up their social networking sites and just google some things they've written, etc. What about when you so happen to glance at something that they didn't close or log out of? One example that a friend of mine experience was when she was dating this person he had left his facebook page up, laptop open and everything. He never logged out of it and when she past by it notice some things that were very questionable. When she confronted him she found out he was lying and broke it off. So the thing was she didn't go searching for trouble, she took a quick glance from what was shown to her, but is that still snooping?

         Now for some people whether they searched for trouble or not, do tend to feel guilty after they have snooped because they did want to come off as that insecure possessive partner. Snooping shouldn't be too acceptable, but some people can't help themselves. They feel like there are way too many clues to not feel suspicious of their partner. Social media has really gave people permission to snoop very thoroughly. You can pretty much google a person in order to find what you need. Some people might say that social media is the devil because even if you put your profiles on private, things can get hacked or pulled up in another source. Snooping is so prevalent because of the amount of access, no it doesn't make it right but it does make it easy.

So should couples give each other their passwords or passcodes to their cell phones and social media sites?
       That's very tricky because that is between the couple. If they are comfortable with exchanging information that is private within themselves then that is their business. I personally don't think it's necessary especially if I'm not going to use it. Yes, there should be trust in any relationship in order to not worry about your spouses whereabouts. It's probably necessary if one has to look up something for the other person but most people would rather look it up themselves. I guess when some couples exchange passwords to each other then there is trust since they are trusting each other with their passwords to begin with.

Be careful with your snooping. Don't get carried away with it especially if you are the type that don't like it done to you. If you can't trust who you are with then leave them. Be safe!

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