Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is Twitter Better Than Facebook?

With all of this social media everywhere who knows what's the best one and what's to come next!
         There are a couple of debates on which is the better social media mostly between facebook and twitter. All of the other ones are either miniature versions of them, died out, or a portion of a social media that's also an addition. There are so many networking sites that you can't really keep up with them. At first there was, then it was xanga, and myspace. Myspace was pretty popular at one point especially when I was in high school because that was all people were talking about and then Facebook was like Internet crack for college students. Once twitter started to become active again, people were on it very frequently. Now you have instagram, social cam, viddy, telly, linkdln, vine, path, and so many others that are just floating around for people to use. Yea I know there is this one (blogger) as well as tumblr but those are more so blogs than particular social networking sites.
So which is better?
           Well, I guess it all depends on what you prefer. Some people are ok with Facebook because it keeps them still connected to their closest friends and family. Others would say twitter because it's simple for them to use plus they get to see what other people are tweeting about at that moment including their favorite celebrities. Some people would say both just because they kind of do the same things since you are still socializing either way. What I've noticed is, Facebook seems to be dying out in a way and twitter is a bit more popular because you get to share more things and it's kind of like mini blogging. What's really popular more than the two of them is instagram. At first I didn't exactly what it consisted of besides pictures but it really is just pictures and I guess people are more into snapshots than typing things. It doesn't seem people do twit pics or twit vids anymore because all of the pictures go right into instagram and people post videos on vine.
           I always have conversations with my friends on what could possibly be next with all of these sites coming from all different directions. Even when you think nothing else is going to be invented there is something else coming out. I wonder what's going to be the new site next year?

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