Friday, June 14, 2013

Joseline Hernandez Becoming A Role Model?

Teen girls has a new role model coming out to make a difference.
          Love & Hip Hop star, Joseline Hernandez, admits to wanting to give up her wild past and be a role model for young girls. Hernandez made a couples tweets saying she wanted to stop stripping especially she is now married to co-star, Stevie J. It's funny because other sources are saying that their wedding all scripted and stage so then that could mean Hernandez's twitter post was a joke as well. Who knows what the truth is. Maybe she does want to turn her life around.
          To be honest, I've only seen like two episodes of Love & Hip Hop, but one of them wasn't the wedding episode and I did see the reunion show. I don't know how she really is as a person, but I'm sure most viewers would say that she is loud mouthed and spontaneous based off of watching the show. If she wants to be a role model to young girls that is her business. Some people might it would be a joke if she is one, but maybe she is someone that girls need to at least learn from. Everyone can learn from anyone. A negative past shouldn't hinder a person from being a role model especially if they got their life together.
Do you think she would be a good role model to teen girls? Is she a bad influence?

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