Saturday, June 22, 2013

Myspace Making A Comeback

For a while it has been said that Myspace is coming back and based off of different commercials I guess it's really official.
          Myspace was such a popular site for high school students. It was very unique because the page looked more animated and you can add music to it. Everybody would always talk about having the top eight friends and putting up random things about a profile or even put whatever mood you were in. It pretty much had a lot of features you can play around with. Once Facebook started catching on especially when people were moving on to college, myspace wasn't talked about much anymore. People were even started to take pictures from their myspace pages and posting them onto their Facebook pages. Others kept their sites and others deleted it completely.
          With myspace coming back, I think it's ok. I'm curious to know if it will have the same features or a few changes. I feel like there is still the option of putting music in your background since most of the features on the site revolve around music. At the same time I wonder how many people would actually use it. Even though it's a long time since people have been completely active on it I just wonder if it will have the same popularity it used to have. Twitter and instagram are the main sites to familiar with. If you have something to say, tweet it, if you have a picture that you want to show off, instagram it. With myspace, it can be a promotional site just like Facebook.
It doesn't matter what site comes out, it's going to be prevalent. Myspace won't be any different, but do you think it's necessary for it to come back? Should people just make newer sites?

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