Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pregnant Teen Boy Ad Causes Controversy

With Father's Day coming up tomorrow, I guess it was time to give young boys a reality check on potentially celebrating that day.

       The Chicago Department Of Public Health, decided to put out an ad showing teens boys being pregnant. This was to help prevent teen pregnancy but instead promoted a lot of controversy. There is so much double standard when talking about gender and expectations. In this society, women have a lot of pressure to stay abstinent and not get involved with any mishaps that could get them pregnant. Instead of focusing on one side of the generation, focus on both because it really is just as much the guy's responsibility as it is the girl's.
        Chicago Department Of Public Health spokesperson, Brian Richardson, thought it would be more effective showing teen pregnant boys than girls because using girls is too obvious whereas showing teen boys can bring attention teaching the younger generation of boys to think with their head on their head, "We wanted to create an ad campaign that would cut through the clutter and get people thinking about teen pregnancy and teen births, and how it can affect more than just teen girls," said Richardson. For some reason the ad caused an outraged because it looked too culturally segregated and biased. They didn't see as an educational outlook, but yet a negative portrayal.
         It seem like people missed the point of it being about teens taking responsibilities of their bodies and not just teen girls. Even though the girl carries the child for nine months the whole time, the boy had to be the one to father the child. Both teen boys and teen girls make mistakes so therefore the boy needs a more wake up call as well instead of all the pressure being on the girl. It was kind of smart for Chicago to have an ad like that because this is something that parents also needs to see. There are some boys that always say, "I don't like using condoms," even if he don't he should make sure that the girl he's with protects herself, too instead of going in think, "It will never happen to me!"

Was this ad controversial? Should girls have more pressure than boys to prevent pregnancy?

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