Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teen Criticized For Large Boobs At Prom

How ignorant can you be when you reject a girl from going to prom because of her breasts!
          High school senior, Brittany Minder, want to experience what every teen dreams about during her last year of high school which was going to prom. Unfortunately she was prohibited because her boobs were considered too large for the required attire. The Central Kitsap High school rule was that any cleavage has to be covered, but being that Minder wore a strapless dress, the school felt she was showing too much. Her parents didn't feel like what she wore was inappropriate and that the school was being unreasonable.
          Her dad, Gary Minder, wants a public apology for rejecting her daughter especially since his daughter attended many dances where she wore dresses that showed off her curves. Even though he knows it's understandable to have such a rule he still felt like his daughter was singled out saying, "It was blatant from the start that the school was not being fair in enforcing that rule," said Gary. Minder's mother also agreed with the father that the school had no business in rejecting her daughter saying, "All women were not created equal," said Kimberly. Her mother went on to explain that every single girl at the prom doesn't have to be built the same to be accepted.
          Minder says that she only stated one hour at her prom because she still felt uncomfortable. Even though she really loved her dress it made her second guess herself at times saying, "I felt self-conscious and it took the magic out of the night," said Minder. Being that the school rule was too make students cover themselves up if they are showing too much, they made Minder wear a shawl and a wrap until there was no skin showing. Minder felt like she wasn't showing off the dress the way she wanted to especially since there was a nice design on the bust area.
          It is very sad that this young girl couldn't enjoy the night the way she wanted to. No teen should have to go through that especially if it's the only prom you are ever going to go to. Yes, her boobs are big, but she still looked beautiful in her dress. It's a strapless dress, what more can one expect from it. It wasn't like she was making it obvious that her boobs were big, she had every right to wear that dress especially since she paid for it. I understand that the school has to make those type of rules, but as long as she didn't have a nipple out, she was fine. At least she was still able to go.

Do you think the school did the right thing?

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